Sunday, 16 August 2015

Skullcandy Knockout headphones review

Chloe Norgaard is the beautiful face of the Skullcandy Knockout campaign - pic taken from Skullcandy website
 I was looking for my first ever set of headphones when I stumbled upon these lovelies. Now I love almost all music, but am in no way an educated or experienced audiophile. I can't stand distorted or muffled sounding music/sound and that's about it. Shaped like smaller versions of the Aviators or restyled Navigators, the Knockouts are marketed as 'headphones for women;' Supposedly the sound is geared for our ears. Regardless of the technological jargon, when I saw these I knew that they would be mine...
Because I cannot resist floral print and multicolour haired models.

'If you like the headphones, you're gonna love this BOX!' packaging at its best :)
  These headphones are comfortable, they cut out almost all other noise & they have a removable cable that plugs into one side. The sound quality is perfect for me and you all know that I bought it for the sweet retro style :)  At US$99.95 they are not the cheapest, but are not hideously expensive either. They are available in 'Duck Egg,' 'Black Spike,' and 'Burgundy Floral.'

After a few weeks of use I noticed that the jack that connects to the headphones needs to be jiggled around a bit to regain contact, otherwise you will hear sound in only one ear. This is not ideal but it is something that doesn't bother me too much. I would say I was kind of hoping for more but lets be honest, I bought these for their looks >.<
What they look like on  ◠ω◠:

They also come with this super cute little matching pouch to store them in, which is a big plus in my eyes as it protects them for dust and sand when you put it in your bag.

You can buy them on the Skullcandy Website HERE.

If you get a chance to get a hold of these, I would recommend them! They are beautiful with a nice choice of colours - The only issue that I've had is that the jack needs to be wiggled a bit to get propper contact.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Legging Haul from Aliexpress! Burgain Huntress Alert

Hi everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've recently put on some weight and am a little self concious about my body, so this is the PERFECT time to buy a whole load of skin tight unforgiving cameltoe inducing garments! I do think I can style them so that they don't emphasize my thunderthighs too badly, though, (*dusts shoulders off*) and as a massive fan of anything that isn't jeans I had to give them a go. I hauled these beautiful leggings from Aliexpress (a while ago *cries*) but better never than late I always say! (Amba, that makes no sense.)

First I got these Cream Floral ones:
All styled with Boohoo Tania Ankle Strap Platfroms
These leggings are nice and opaque, and a very wearable cream floral. They're exactly like in the pictures and super cheap. They are a OSFA deal so it's lucky that they are quite stretchy, and the colour I chose is 'beige' which is actually a light cream. (For reference I'm a NZ/UK size 8 - I think it's a US size 4)

Cream Floral Leggings on Aliexpress HERE
Galaxy Print and Adventure Time Leggings ripped off from Black Milk Clothing:
Galaxy Green I think these leggings are a gorgeous colour! I got them in a size 'M' and they fit fine. the length is also perfect, I just accidentally hitched it up a little on one side.

Galaxy Rainbow: I'm not sure if these are the ones I ordered as sometimes things look different from the picture - these look a bit more red than rainbow, but still quite nice. I got these in an 'S' but can't see the difference between the sizing of these or the galaxy green in 'M.'

WHAT TIME IS IT?! Adventure Time!!...  Leggings!

As a huge fan of Adventure Time, how could I resist these? They also had many other versions, like Princess Bubblegum or B-Mo leggings but I just got the one that had them all on there. They are a slightly different materiel to the Galaxy Print leggings, more stretchy. Got these in an 'M' as well, they are really comfy!

All of the Black Milk rippoffs shown above are available HERE

I need to invest in some longer T-shirts and Jumpers to really feel comfortable wearing these, but when properly styled they look and feel great. But if you have model legs, you could wear these with a crop top and be golden haha

Thursday, 25 September 2014

OOTD Monochromatical - B&W Caual Outfit feat. Tobi Lace Shorts & Chunky White Heels

This is just a quick OOTD post inspired by @audriiiiiiiina who I'm presumptuously going to name my FIRST Instagram friend on my @LittleMewWears account. She has fantastic taste in colour as can be seen from her bow specialising Etsy shop HERE but has somehow developed a reputation of having a monochromatic closet among her friends :) If that's true then she's bang on trend!

I am just loving my new platforms! I am the worst heel-wearer that I know, but I can wear these all day long without wanting to take them off. I got these in a size '5' UK which is just slightly loose for my small (read 'scrawny') Indian feet but #idontcare (more about the shoes in post HERE). Also in this outfit is my new Wildfox-knockoff jumper from Aliexpress which is identical to my first black ribcage version but in white. I prefer this one! It feels softer and the white is a gentle, wearable white if that makes any sense. I rolled up the sleeves here but they're the normal full lengh with ripped detailing at the ends. As with a lot of stuff from Aliexpress it's OSFA.

  The lace trim shorts are from in a size 'S' and fit at a comfortable high waist on me. Polkadot tights are from Aliexpress as well, cheap and cheerful and also OSFA! You can find out where I got the jewelry from THIS blog post.

Tobi lace shorts SOLD OUT in black but other colours HERE
Aliexpress polkadot tights HERE
Glamorous chunky white platforms HERE
Aliexpress white ribcage jumper HERE

Enjoy, and let me know what you think (as long as it's good, otherwise I don't want to know haha)!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Glamorous White Closed Toe Cleated Sole Platform Heels

I live on a beautiful 'island of eternal spring' at the end of the earth. Despite the Internet's attempt to educate me to the goings on of current fashion, I always catch on a season late. Nonetheless, here in NZ it's JUST going into ☀summerso, in a way, being behind on the trends I'm bang-on time to wear the heck out of these in Aotearoa!

 They're from an online store called 'Glamorous' which popped up in the ASOS Fashion Finder when I was rabidly hunting for cleated platfroms. I had never heard of it before but the price was so good (£25 excluding VAT) for a pair of shoes that fit the brief exactly (Brief: Like JC Scullys but with a gentle arch and practically free), and *Free Shipping!* = SOLD.

Like all white shoes they get dirty quick but LOOK AT THEM, they're totally irrisistable! Aside from making me look like I'm a grade school dolly, they are the most comfortable heels I have ever owned. The gentle arch doesn't sacrifice height either becayse they are heavily platformed ❤

They don't have many left in stock unfortunately but HERE IS THE LINK.
They took just under two weeks to get from the UK to NZ, but if you live in the UK your shipping will be much faster (did I just say something obvious? I feel like I did haha).

I hope they have your size and I'd love to know if we will be shoe sisters (shoesters?) so comment below if you ordered them as well! Actually comment below if ANYTHING I would love to make some friends.

ASOS Haul - Boys Suck Vest, Bikinis, Shorts & Bows

So I finally did it! My first filmed haul is up on YouTube featuring major bargains which were all still in stock when I last checked #feelingawesome

Check out the video HERE:

Boys Suck Swing Vest:

 I have been after this 'Boys Suck' Asos Swing Vest since I saw it on Cutie Pie Marzia many months ago - but I didn't know where it was from! I'm sure she's the sweetest person in the world, but when you have 4 million followers you can't answer all their questions, so I decided to just wait and see.... And lo and behold it popped up for sale for about NZ$18, which is ridiculously well priced :)

The material is a nice simple cotton, I love the soft peach colour and the ribbon print with the cheeky slogan. I'm not usually a fan of big armholes as I can't quite pull off side-boob, so I sized down to a 6 for this to minimise damage. It fits like a dream, and I insist that it will go with everything.

♡ ASOS Swing Vest with Boys Suck Ribbon Print - HERE

Scalloped Shorts:

Lets talk about scalloped shorts. I went a bit mad and got three pairs because I have a tendency to do this when online shopping. If things are well priced and shipping is free, I will buy similar items to make sure I like at least one. Of course this is heavily flawed logic, but I can't seem to help myself! I love any sort of detailing at the bottom of miniskirts and shorts: Pom poms, lace trim, or any sort of fancy edge, I'm a sucker for details.

The nude ones are a soft chiffon and are very classy and ladylike. I can imagine teaming these with a blazer and minimalist heels for a 'sofisticated' look (or it would be sophisticated if I could pull off anything remotely resembling sophistication haha).

The dusty blue ones are a more casual cotton and I can pair them with a T-shirt, boho fringed vest and sneakers or chunky heels for a cute laid back outfit.

The black ones are black and therefore will go with everything. I can dress them up, down or sideways, and simply curse those linen creases as they appear. Although these are versatile, this is the one item in my order that I would return if I could be bothered to - I'm untidy enough as a person, having clothing with such a natural disposition to crease will not do me many favours. But what the hey, they still fit well, and as I said, black is black blah blah.
I got all three pairs in a size '8'

♡ ASOS PETITE Nude Shorts With Scallop Hem - HERE
♡ ASOS Dusky Blue Shorts with Scallop Hem - HERE
♡ ASOS PETITE Black Shorts in Linen with Scallop Hem - HERE

Next I got two bikinis:
These are soo pretty, fit amazingly well and I have never actually owned a bikini that was sized in 'Bra Sizes.' I am pretty sure I will never go back to impractical string bikinis now that I've discovered the joys of owning a bikini that gives proper support. It's so much more flattering, and if I don't have to worry about the pitfalls of wearing a flimsy bikini so much the better. The only issue is that I sized down to a UK6 (due to size availability issues) on the pink bikini bottoms, which made them just a bit too small. And when I say a bit I mean a lot.

♡ ASOS Mix and Match Pink Spot Longline Bandeau Bikini Top - HERE
♡ ASOS Mix and Match Pink Hipster Bikini Pant - HERE
♡ ASOS Yellow Lotus Floral Longline Bikini Top - HERE
♡ ASOS Yellow Lotus Floral Loop Side Bikini Pant - HERE

Finally I couldn't resist topping my order off with a few beautiful bows:
The big grey one on the left is a necktie and I think it adds a cute touch to collared shirts & blouses. Not much to say abou the hair bows on the right, they are just adorable :) They are great quality for the price and I have never owned a bow quite like the big dusky pink one - it has an allagator back and the material is thick giving an soft faux suede appearence.

♡ ASOS Hair Bow with Faux Pearls - HERE
♡ ASOS Dusky Rose Big Bow Hair Clip - HERE
♡ ASOS Oversized Bow Neck Tie - HERE

That's all for my little ASOS haul, let me know if you were compelled to buy anything after witnessing these beautiful bargains and have a lovely weeek!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

OOTD featuring Missguided Sequin Maxi Skirt - Mermaid Casual

This skirt is sooo lush! I first saw it in a YouTube video by Amy Valentine and decided (as I do with most items that I can use free shipping to justify) that I would own it. Here I mismatched it with an oversized casual melty heart T-shirt from Aliexpress (I think it is a knockoff of one that H&M did a while back). As you may know by now, I love juxtaposing items in my wardrobe and I think that such an attention-grabbing skirt needs to be toned down by the rest of the look. I also felt that showing the shoes would ruin the 'mermaid effect' so I wore medium heels in black that can remain hidden and unnoticeable when they peep out :) I have rather narrow hips, but the sequins give the illusion of bigger curves. This skirt does not have a cut in it, and only the slightest bit of stretch; I have to get around with little baby steps when I wear it! (Makes me feel all high maintenance ◡‿◡✿)

 Sinaeo Sequin Maxi Skirt AU$41.98 - Missguided  Sold out online :(
Melted Heart T-shirt Sz M US$10.35 - Aliexpress here

More Pics & Accessories:


 I have been addicted to wearing this vermeil (gold over sterling silver) crystal point by Lilly's Offering - It just goes with everything! It is so cheap, the international shipping is very reasonable and the quality is just amazing. The pendant comes all by itself so you have to use your own chain to wear it. I bought a gold vermeil one from Ebay. I wouldn't recommend doing this as there is very little quality control for buying precious metals on Ebay and although this serves its purpose: a)it is very thin and tangles on everything b)I am not even sure if it really is vermeil. I would suggest buying a chain from an Etsy seller instead, as their quality control is stricter. I have decided to hold onto a few Spirit Charms from my line of cuties for 'reaserch purposes.' 

Small Flourite Crystal Point NZ$11.52 - Lilly's Offering on Etsy
Little Mew Charm Necklace - My Store ;)

Go ahead and link me to your outfit posts in the comments below so I can come check them out!

Monday, 8 September 2014

First Lookbook Up on YouTube!

I am extremely proud and excited to say that my very FIRST lookbook is now up on YouTube :) 
It features looks that you can wear in spring or autumn when ones wardrobe needs to comply with the weather's indecisiveness. A list of the items involved can be found on the videos description, and you can watch said video HERE :)
One of the things I love about it the most is that it features music from my brother, Azan, and his band, The Djinn. I love the idea of collaborating with family even if they live on another continent >.<

You can find Azan's YouTube HERE

Which outfit fits the best with your style?

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